Bi-directional USB copy module v2.0.2.1 2012-12-12 Thecus DownloadBi-directional USB copy module
Dashboard Module v2.2.0.5 2012-05-09 Thecus DownloadDashboard module
Thecus DownloadDashboard user guide
DLM2 module

DLM2 (Download Manager 2) is a module dedicated to the task of downloading files with different download utilities such as BitTorrent, eMule, and HTTP/FTP client. It is designed to give users greater control over downloads. With DLM2, users can download files directly from the internet and store them on Thecus NAS devices without the need turn on their PC, saving time and money.

Note: Thecus Download Center provides you another BT module, Transmission. Feel free to use Transmission Module as your BT client.

v1.0.14 2012-04-06 Thecus DownloadDLM2 user guide
Thecus DownloadDLM2 module
NZBGet module v1.0.0 2012-04-06 Thecus DownloadNZBGet module
Piczza! photo server module v1.00.03.3 2012-08-06 Thecus DownloadPiczza! photo server module
Rsync backup module v1.0.3 2012-04-06 Thecus DownloadRsync backup module
Simple surveillance module v2.0.1 2012-04-06 Thecus DownloadSimple surveillance module
Transmission (BT Client) Module

With the Transmission module, use this powerful, user-friendly, open-source BitTorrent client on your NAS for peer-to-peer file sharing.

v2.12.2 2012-04-06 Thecus DownloadTransmission (BT Client) Module
Twonky media server module v6.0.34.4 2012-08-06 Thecus DownloadTwonky media server module
USB backup module v1.0.1.6 2012-08-06 Thecus DownloadUSB backup module
WebDisk module v2.00.04.2 2012-04-20 Thecus DownloadWebDisk module