N4100Plus Firmware v2.00.05

[Software upgrade/downgrade note]

  1. System Configuration Download/Upload does not support different software version.

Note: After upgrade to latest firmware, download configuration and save separately.

[New features]

  1. F/W version coding changed from x.y.zz to x.yy.zz for consistency between models.
  2. Added WEB UI language upload function.
  3. Change the maximum group name length to 64 characters.
  4. Change the maximum groups allowed in a single system to 300.
  5. Change the allowed characters of WAN domain name and AD group name to the following:
    - . 0~9 A~Z _ a~z


[Bug fixes]

  1. Fixed the bug which user cannot modify the HTTPS port.
    The port number can only be assigned to at least 1024 and exclude 3169, 11000 and cannot conflict with other running services.
  2. Fixed the bug that iTunes server needs to be enabled manually after system reboots.
  3. Fixed the bug that iTunes server failed to start.
  4. Fixed the abnormal detection on external USB disk which cannot be accessed after plug into N4100+.


[Known Problems]

  1. Robot copy cannot remove empty folders.
  2. BT download cannot support single file larger than 4GB.
  3. HDDs cannot get into stand by (spin down) mode if USB printer server module installed.
  4. FTP transfer happens to failed if idle for a long time after connection established.
  5. NFS: Incorrect UID/GID mapping may occur if share folder controlled by ACL.


[[Known Limitations]

  1. If AC power lost during RAID building, admin has to manually resume it through Web GUI.
    a) You will see "Total Capacity: N/A" after building process completed.
    b) Manually remove RAID.
    c) Create RAID again.
  2. Supports the following USB wireless dongles only. And it has to be installed before NAS booting up, no PnP.
    [ZyDAS ZD1211]
    a) 3Com 3CRUSB10075 (Manufacture ID: 6891, Device ID: A727)
    b) Zyxel ZyAIR G-220 (Manufacture ID: 0586, Device ID: 3401)
    c) PCI GW-US54mini (Manufacture ID: 14EA, Device ID: AB13)
    [ZyDAS ZD1211B]
    d. Zyxel ZyAIR G-220 V2 (Manufacture ID: 0586, Device ID: 340F)
  3. File size has to be less than 1GB to be uploaded to the N4100+ from web browsers. FTP software has no such limitation.
  4. File names and folder names should not contain more than 250 characters in their entire directory path to prevent errors occur in the file copy operations.
  5. The following characters are not allowed to be included in the name used for files or folders on the N4100+.
    / : * ? ” < > | [ ] = + ; ,
  6. When copying a file that uses superscript in its file name (common with some international character sets), the date and time attributes may not be properly set on the N4100+ for that particular file.
  7. File and directory attributes can not be modified by an FTP client when the N4100+ FTP server is enabled.
  8. Up to six external USB devices (including the memory cards on the USB card reader) can be connected to N4100+ concurrently.
  9. When using multi-slot USB card reader, insert memory card into card reader before connecting card reader to N4100+. When removing, please disconnect card reader from N4100+ prior to remove memory card.
  10. If a USB hard drive has partitions, only the first three partitions can be detected by the N4100+.
  11. Some attributes may not be included with files and folders when copying to a USB drive with FAT32 format.
  12. If a USB hard drive is connected to N4100+ formatted as FAT16/32, the following restrictions apply:
    - Copy file with size greater than or equal to 2 GB to the N4100+ can not be performed due to FAT file system limitation.
    - Files created by Mac OS X like DS_Store can not be copied to the FAT16/32 USB drive.
  13. The file downloaded from N4100+ via Microsoft IE might include extension index number in its file name.
  14. UPnP function only works on LAN1 interface.
  15. When adding second HDD into JBOD RAID, all services such as WebDisk, SMB/CIFS, FTP, and iTunes will be temporarily disabled. Once the JBOD resizing completes, all services will be turned on according to original settings.
  16. When click on an MP3 file on WebDisk page, IE may launch Windows Media Player to play it. The file name shows on play list will just be “download”. However, right click on the MP3 file, save it to local disk, and then you will see correct file name on the Windows Media Player while play it.
  17. Writing a file larger than 2 GB is not allowed by MAC OS-9.
  18. The following characters are not allowed to be included in the name used for a file or shared folder when using Mac OS (AppleTalk) devices.
    ? [ ] / = + < > ; : ” , |
  19. Mac OS Limitations:
    a) When using Mac OS X (post 10.2 with AppleTalk) without SMB, do not use Japanese characters in folder or file names to prevent errors accessing the data over a network.
    b) Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X can not see files on the network with names made up of over 32 characters.
    c) Mac OS 8.x/9.x only support local character encoding on file names (without Unicode support).
    d) Occasionally, when a file is accessed by a Mac OS computer within a shared folder, an information file will be created in the same folder. If the file is then deleted by a Windows OS computer, the original file may no longer be accessible by Mac OS computers.
  20. For Mac users, NAS user accounts created in old firmware may fail to log in before admin re-entering the user's password. SMB/CIFS users don't have this issue.
  21. Single file size upper limitation: 2TB
  22. NAS needs about 3~5 minutes to broadcast/register itself to other Mac OS through AppleTalk after booting up and service enabled.
  23. Please do not use Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese character sets in share folder's name. It might cause share folders permission error, and no body could access any folders. However, using above two character sets in the sub-folders is okay.
  24. File system check page is in English, no multilingual.
  25. FTP port should follow the rules given below.
    - Larger than 1024
    - Could not use 3169
    - Port 21 is allowed
    HTTP and HHTPS port should follow the rules given below.
    - Larger than 1024
    - Could not use 3169 and 11000
    - Port 80 and 443 are allowed
  26. iTunes Server and Media server will periodically rescan the audio/video files in the NAS and it will affect the disk power management. You may set the iTunes rescan interval longer thus the HDD will get into stand by mode. But the scan interval of Media server cannot be adjusted.
  27. Disk Power Management : some HDD may not respond to “idle spin down” command, and they won't get into stand by mode even if the specified idle time had been reached.
  28. Thecus official modules: all the modules provided by Thecus can only be upgraded by removing the old version then install the newer version.
  29. User need to keep away from the self-refresh pages in WEB admin UI such as RAID status and system status and also the login page to avoid a slow RAID build/rebuild speed.
  30. Avoid to set the folder access mode in NFS to “anonymous” if the share folder was set to ACL controlled already



  1. During firmware upgrade and installation process, it is imperative that user DO NOT turn off the power to N4100+ or closes the browser window. This will lead to catastrophic result. If your browser is set to cache the screen, after firmware upgrade has started for 5 minutes, please press CTRL-F5 to reload browser screen from server instead of from browser cache.
  2. When installing the Windows Wizard program of N3200 on WinXP Professional SP1 or SP2, the firewall UDP ports 10000 and 10001 need to be opened.
  3. Reset to factory default function automatically resets all the system settings including network settings, administrator password, user groups, language setting, system notification setting, and time zone setting.
  4. Hardware reset button triggers the N4100+ to reset its network settings and administrator password.
  5. To avoid accidentally shutdown the N4100+, the power button of the N4100+ is designed to take effect only when it is being pressed and held three seconds constantly.
  6. Users should obey the international RF regulatory rules as they set up the wireless RF channel on the N4100+. The RF operating channels for different regions have been specified as following. Thecus has no responsibility for users attempting to violate the international RF regulation.
    11 for N. America
    14 Japan
    13 Europe (ETSI)
    2 Spain
    4 France


Please send an E-mail to the product serial number, current firmware version, and HDD model name. Then we will provide the download link.

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