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  • Version : 1.4.1
  • Update Datum : 2014-04-07
  • Entwickler : Stéphane
  • OS : ThecusOS 5 64bit (non-Atom)


Gitblit is an open-source, pure Java stack for managing, viewing, and serving Git repositories.
It's designed primarily as a tool for small workgroups who want to host centralized repositories.


You decide how to use Gitblit

Gitblit can be used as a dumb repository viewer with no administrative controls or user accounts.
Gitblit can be used as a complete Git stack for cloning, pushing, and repository access control.
Gitblit can be used without any other Git tooling (including actual Git) or it can cooperate with your established tools.

Easy Remote Management

Administrators can create and manage all repositories, user accounts, and teams from the Web UI.
Administrators can create and manage all repositories, user accounts, and teams from the JSON RPC interface using the Gitblit Manager or your own custom tooling.

Integration with Your Infrastructure

Groovy push hook scripts
Pluggable user service mechanism
LDAP authentication with optional LDAP-controlled Team memberships
Custom authentication, authorization, and user management
Rich RSS feeds
JSON-based RPC mechanism
Java Client RSS/JSON API library for custom integration

Backup Strategy

Gitblit includes a backup mechanism (federation) which can be used to backup repositories and, optionally, user accounts, team definitions, server settings, & Groovy push hook scripts from your Gitblit instance to another Gitblit instance or to a Gitblit Federation Client. Similarly, you can use the federation mechanism to aggregate individual workspace Gitblit instances to a common, centralized server.


Dependencies :

Fajo OracleJRE7
Fajo ModeBase1 (for pkill)

user : admin / pass : admin

First Launch is a bit long (around 40 sec on my N0503 to access to the Webui)

Kompatible Modelle

N12000, N12000PRO, N12000V, N16000, N16000PRO, N16000V, N5810, N5810PRO, N7700PRO v2, N7710, N7710-G, N7770-10G, N8800PRO v2, N8810U, N8810U-G, N8880U-10G, N8900, N8900PRO, N8900V, TopTower N10850, TopTower N6850, TopTower N8850,